1. Supot Singhasaneh 
    Vice President and The Chairman of Accounting Profession in Auditing Committee \ The Federation of Accounting Professions 
  2. Nusara Banyatpiyaphod
    President \ Thai Life Assurance Association 
  3. Jiraphant Asavatanakul 
    President \ Thai General Insurance Association
  4. Anon Vangvasu 
    President \ The Federation of Thai Insurance Organizations
  5. Sara Lamsam 
    President \ Thai Financial Planners Association
  6. Kean Hin Lim 
    Advisor \ Thai Life Insurance Public Company Limited
  7. Tet Chian Hiew 
    Advisor \ AIA Company Limited
  8. Andrew Chun-Wai Leung 
    Advisor \ Samaggi Insurance Public Company Limited