2016 : Joint Regional Seminar - Bangkok

"Back to the Basics - Evolving Technical Matters"

At Pullman Bangkok Grande Sukhumvit (Asoke), Bangkok

Jointly organized by the Actuaries Institute Australia, Institute & Faculty of Actuaries, and Society of Actuaries with the support of local actuarial bodies, this Joint Regional Seminar (JRS) is designed to assist actuaries and other professionals in meeting CPD requirements.

The Seminar:
This year’s JRS will share with our delegates a series of technical and actuarially related topics with a theme centered on product development - ”Back to the Basics - Evolving Technical Matters”. In product development, areas like asset and liability risk management, product pricing and product designs are key to success. As an actuary, we are facing more and more macro and micro trends and changes that put much higher technical demand and expectation on product actuaries. The coming of the new solvency framework, aging population, persistently low interest rate environment, the ever-tightening regulation, emphasis on Value for Money and transparencies for consumers, and the impact of IFRS; all these have been talked about and discussed. This JRS would like to bring our audience to focus on the core actuarial technical applications required to adapt and fit one or more of the emerging trends and changes. This will be a seminar that all levels of actuaries could benefit.

Date & Time:
Monday 1st August 2016, 08:30 - 16:45hrs

Pullman Bangkok Grande Sukhumvit (Asoke), Bangkok

Target Audience:

  • C-Suites of life and non-Life insurance companies, reinsurers and regulators
  • Professionals in life and non-Life insurance industry: Actuaries, Investment Managers, Risk Analysts, Underwriters, Claim Officers, Auditors, Consultants, Academics and Interested People

Seminar Fee:
3,500 Baht per person for SOAT Member* 4,500 Baht per person for non-member* (* VAT included, withholding tax is not deductible)

Deadline for registration:
25th July 2016

All presentation will be run in English For more information, please see the attached brochure.