2016 : Professional Skills Forum 2016

At Meeting room on 7th floor, Thai Life Assurance Association

Objective: Jointly organized by the Society of Actuaries of Thailand and Institute & Faculty of Actuaries, this Professional Skills Forum 2016 is designed to assist actuaries and other professionals in meeting CPD requirements.

The Activity:
This forum is suitable for actuaries working in any area (i.e. it is not specifically aimed at Life, GI or any other technical discipline). The content doesn’t focus on a particular theme but covers a broad range of professional issues that can arise in your professional or personal life. Come and prepare to be challenged - these everyday situations may have a sting in the tail.

Date & Time:
Wednesday 14th December 2016, 08:30 - 11:30 hrs

At Meeting room on 7th floor, Thai Life Assurance Association

Target Audience:
Professionals in life and non-Life insurance industry, Actuaries and Interested People

CPD hours:

  • For IFoA members, this will qualify for 2 hours of Stage 3 Professional Skills Training CPD.
  • For members of other international bodies, you may record this as Professionalism hours according to your respective CPD schemes.

Seminar Fee:
  • THB 800 / person for SOAT Member
  • THB 1,200 / person for Non-SOAT Member
  • Free - for IFoA Member
    - VAT included, withholding tax is not deductible
    - ARN (Actuarial Reference Number) is required for IFoA members

Registration: Please register by
  • Filling in the required information on attached brochure send to SOAT
  • Online registration by scanning the QR code on brochure or CLICKING HERE !

Deadline for registration:
30th December 2016

All presentation will be run in English For more information, please see the attached brochure.