CPD Reporting Form Required for Incomplete CPD Record

Referring to the announcement of the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) record submission for all fellow members on 15th January 2019 which members are required to collect CPD according to the CPD Requirements. However, as a result of the widespread of COVID-10 pandemic and in order to comply with government’s policy together with your own safety, SOAT therefore have been abstained from all seminars which might have affected some members who would like to collect CPD hours till 31st March 2020, as part of the CPD requirements.

SOAT have acknowledged this issue from our members and would like to make some relief for those who could not collect CPD hours per CPD Requirement’s deadline. Affected members shall submit the attached CPD Reporting Form to Miss Oraphan Panit at for review and confirmation by 30 June 2020.