Strategic plan of the Society of Actuaries of Thailand 2021 - 2023 

Vision : “It is the leading organization in the region by developing the actuarial profession with more professionalism and ethics in order to provide excellence in servies and society along with supporting competitions in international level”


Mission no 1: Actuary

  1. To develop professional standards and ethics.
  2. To build confidence and national and international recognition
  3. ยกระดับการให้บริการกับสมาชิก

Mission no 2: administrative agency and another agency involved

  1. To work with administrative agency and organizations to drive the country to support the aging soiety and build a strong internatinal financial system. 

Mission no 3: Regulators (Office of Insurance Commission)

  1. To expand cooperation, support operations and strengthen good relationships with OIC.
  2. To encouraging businesses to take control of themselves.

Mission no 4: Prospects / Those interested in the profession of actuarial

  1. To encourage professionals, those who are involved or who are interested in actuarial science to apply for membership of SOAT.
  2. To raise awareness of the professional knowledge and the importance of a professional actuary.
  3. To support students and undergraduate students for more recognition and understandability in the actuarial studies.