Criteria for the Bursary Selection Process

Dear Correspondents of associations from the Asia region and Asia subcommittee members.


I am pleased to inform that we have some budget to offer bursaries for the 15th  Asia Regional Seminar in Singapore that will take place on October 21th. I’ll appreciate that you share the information about the bursary application criteria and the bursary application form among your association members. If the GNA of your county is higher than USD 12,000, we will appreciate that you share with any individuals from developing countries that you believe will benefit from the seminar. The bursary application deadline is August 25th, 2019.


Following the Asia Regional Seminar, the 22nd Asian Actuarial Conference will be taking place over October 22nd – 24th. The AAC is the largest actuarial event in APAC with an expected attendance of over 800 people this year. It represents a great opportunity to learn from and collaborate with actuaries from all corners of APAC. Bursaries for attendance at the conference could be provided to successful applicants by the IAA in conjunction with the Singapore Actuarial Society. More information regarding the AAC schedule could be found here.


Should you need any further information about this event, please visit our website or contact me directly at karla.zuniga@actuaries.org