2023 SOAT Professionalism Seminar

The Society of Actuaries of Thailand is delighted to invite you to "2023 SOAT Professionalism Seminar" as detail below:

Objective:  2023 SOAT Professionalism Seminar is suitable for actuaries working in any area (i.e. it is not specifically aimed at Life, GI or any other technical discipline). The content doesn’t focus on a particular theme but covers a broad range of professional issues that can arise in your professional or personal life. Come and prepare to be challenged - these everyday situations may have a sting in the tail.


  • This seminar will talk about the roles of SOAT members and actuaries in Thailand that can help enhance resilience within the Thai insurance industry.
  • Also we will touch about some aspects of professionalism from risk perspective (e.g. fraud, conflict of interest, etc.), and ethical Dilemma regarding Professional vs. Personal Issue including vision challenge in professionalism among actuary.
  • Lastly, some selected SOAT code of professional conducts will be presented to refresh our memory and related studies will be raised for discussion.

CPD: CPD The 2023 SOAT Professionalism Seminar qualifies for CPD according to the rules of each actuarial societies. Members can find it a useful contribution to their personal professional development. For SOAT, CPD hours* can be claimed. Only actual time spent can be counted.

* 1 CPD hour = 60 minutes

Date &Time:         Tuesday 28 November 2023, 08:30am – 1:15pm

Language:         English

Location:              At AIA Leadership Centre 3F., AIA Sathorn Tower

Seminar Fees:     Member: THB 2,400

                            Non-member: THB 3,600

                            Remarks: VAT included, withholding tax is not deductible

Deadline for registration:          21 November 2023

Registration Online:  Click Here!


For more information, please kindly see the brochure as attached.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Ms. Oraphan Tel. (668) 0559-4555 or