Joint Regional Seminar 2022


“Sustainability - The ecosystem for the Insurance Industry”

Tuesday 20th & Thursday 29th September 2022

Virtual Seminar


The Society of Actuaries of Thailand is delighted to invite you to "Joint Regional Seminar 2022" as detail below:

Objective:  The Joint Regional Seminar (JRS) is an annual Life and Health Insurance event co-organized by the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries and Actuaries Institute Australia with the support of the local actuarial societies in the region. It is designed to assist actuaries and other professionals to gain insights across the APAC markets and support their continuous professional development (CPD) requirements. A half-day regional programme will be presented in the afternoon on 20 September 2022 hosted virtually in Hong Kong for all participants from the Asia region.  SOAT will virtually host the half-day programme in Bangkok on 29 September 2022.

The Seminar:  The rise of the actuarial profession can be traced back to the late 17th century! For the past 200+ years, actuaries have been the fundamental backbone and critical stakeholder in the operational and reporting functions of business covering insurance, enterprise risk management, regulatory framework and financial industry. The APAC market is extremely dynamic and constantly evolving. There is much hot topics and emerging trends to cover at this annual conference.

The JRS2022 will give APAC practitioners the opportunity gather, gain insights and discuss the theme amongst the leading experts, fellow actuaries and senior executives in the region. To sustain in the new insurance ecosystem, the profession needs to be versatile and proficient in all business aspects. Hence, the theme this year is “Sustainability - the ecosystem for the Insurance Industry”

Some key topics in the Regional JRS are:

  • Asset liability management under new regulatory and accounting regime (by Ernst & Young)
  • Unleashing insurance upsell opportunities by leveraging post-IFRS17 insurance data granularity (by Deloitte)
  • Are our products sustainable? An expensive lesson from COVID (by Swiss Re)
  • Is COVID over? What have been the direct and indirect impacts of the pandemic on mortality and morbidity claims experience? Find out how the industry responded and how it views the challenges ahead (by Asia-pacific, Life & Health Partner Re)

Some key topics in the Bangkok JRS are:

  • How insurance can support aged society in Thailand? : Regulators view (by Office of Insurance Commission)
  • Integrating ESG into Insurance Landscape (by EY Singapore)
  • Introduction to Climate Risk and Its Effect on Life ALM Modelling (by FIS)
  • ERM Transformation under New Insurance Ecosystem (by Deloitte)

Theme:                Sustainability – The ecosystem for the Insurance Industry

Date &Time:        Regional: Tuesday 20th September 2022, 12.45 – 16.30

Bangkok: Thursday 29th September 2022, 13.00 – 17.00

Location:           Virtual Seminar

Seminar Fees:         2 day at THB 2,000 OR 1 day at THB 1,200 / person for SOAT Member*
        2 day at THB 3,000 OR 1 day at THB 1,700 / person for Non-SOAT Member*

Remarks:  -In case you wish to join a one-day programme on 29 September 2022.

    -VAT included, withholding tax is not deductible  

Deadline for registration:  13th September 2022

Registration Online:   Click Here!

For more information, please kindly see the brochure as attached.

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