Joint Regional Seminar 2022


Welcome to the Joint Regional Seminar 2022.

The Joint Regional Seminar (JRS) is an annual Life and Health Insurance event co-organized by the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries and Actuaries Institute Australia with the support of the local actuarial societies in the region. It is designed to assist actuaries and other professionals to gain insights across the APAC markets and support their continuous professional development (CPD) requirements.

Without a doubt, the first attempt to go virtual in 2021 was a great success, with the “The Post-pandemic Actuarial World” seminar attracting over 1,300 registrants.

The Conference Schedule

About four regional topics will be selected for the first half-day regional program hosted virtually in Hong Kong on 20 Sep. Each supporting association will then host their own second half-day local program and the format could be online or in-person as circumstances permit.

Regional Program

Tues 20 Sep (PM)

Regional Program hosted virtually in Hong Kong for international participants

Local Program

Tues, 20 Sep (AM)

Vietnam Local Program

Local half-day program could be delivered online or in-person as circumstances permit

Wed 21 Sep (PM)

Hong Kong Local Program

Thu 22 Sep (PM)

Taiwan Local Program

Fri 23 Sep (PM)

Indonesia Local Program

Tues 27 Sep (PM)

Malaysia Local Program

Thu 29 Sep (PM)

Thailand Local Program



The rise of the actuarial profession can be traced back to the late 17th century! For the past 200+ years, actuaries have been the fundamental backbone and critical stakeholder in the operational and reporting functions of business covering the insurance, enterprise risk management, regulatory framework and financial industry. However, the APAC market is extremely dynamic and constantly evolving. There are much hot topics and emerging trends to cover at this annual conference. 

The JRS2022 will give APAC practitioners the opportunity to gather, gain insights and discuss the theme amongst the leading experts, fellow actuaries and senior executives in the region. To be sustainable in the new insurance ecosystem, the profession needs to be versatile and proficient in all business aspects. Hence, the theme this year is “Sustainability - the ecosystem for the Insurance Industry”.

Call for Submission 

We are calling for experts from all insurance and financial background to discuss the theme and share insights of their work with the APAC audience at the Regional Program on 20 Sep.

All selected speakers will be required to complete a Speaker Acknowledgement and Release Form. The presentations/papers and video records may be published on the organisers and supporting organisations’ websites and made available to all participants of the JRS. 

If you are interested to be one of the presenters at this APAC event, please submit the following details to ASHK by 22 May 2022.





Proposed Topic (45 min including Q&A)






Email and Mobile (for emergency contact purpose)


Bio and Profile Picture


Area of Focus


Level of Technical details (1 = being light & 5 = very technical)


If material has been presented before, please provide details (Date, event and audience)



The Selection Process

To assure the content is best fitted and meet the expectation of the APAC audience, the organizing committee will let them have a say too! The organizing committee will screen all the submissions and shortlist a few finalists. Then, the APAC audience will vote for the topics they are interested in. The popular presentations will be selected for the regional program.

Details of the voting campaign will be announced at a later stage. 

The Representatives


Actuaries Institute Australia – Kitty Chan, Louis Lee

Institute and Faculty of Actuaries – Mark Chau, Jing Zhang

Supporting regional partners:

Hong Kong – Actuarial Society of Hong Kong, Billy Wong

Indonesia - The Society of Actuaries of Indonesia, Handayani Utomo

Malaysia – Actuarial Society of Malaysia, Farzana Ismail

Taiwan - The Actuarial Institute of Chinese Taipei, Alan Lin and Vicki Chang

Thailand – The Society of Actuaries of Thailand, Rosaporn Attawiriyanupap

Vietnam – Luong Xuan Truong