OIC: Procedures for submitting an application for a license and renewal of a license as an actuary

The Office of Insurance Commission has developed a system for requesting/renewing a license to be an actuary (Online Actuarial License Approval) with the objective to submit applications for licenses and requests for renewal of licenses to be actuaries according to the law on life / Non-life insurance It is in accordance with the registrar's announcement on rules and procedures for submitting a license application. License renewal request and determine the application form for obtaining a license License renewal request And a license to be an actuary according to the law on life / non-life insurance, 2022, in order to reduce the process and documentation process. and facilitate those involved
Now, the system for obtaining/renewing a license to act as an actuary are ready to apply for a license/renewal of a license to be an actuary according to the law on life/non-life insurance therefore, We would like to inform those who wish to submit an application for/renewal of a license to act as an actuary. to operate through such system It is initially used for applying for/renewing a license to act as an actuary. From December 15, 2022 onwards, you can study and access the system following the link. https://www.oic.or.th/th/node/91216 (OIC website/actuary)

If you have any questions, please contact insurance reserve standard regulatory group, email: actuary_license@oic.or.th