SOA Asia Timezone Webcast and activity

The Society of Actuaries is organizing a webcast and activity in Asia Timezone for July, 2021. Please kindly refer to below information for your consideration and further sharing if appropriate:


  • Young Actuaries in Asia Two Ways to Win Contest - Board Game Contest

·        To design a board game within a business context that uses actuarial knowledge and skill sets in an engaging and easy-to-understand format.   

·        You may submit a board game design individually or as a team to apac@soa.org to win $1,000USD.

·        First round submission: **30th July 2021** (Webpage/ Board Game Contest Rules and Eligibility)


  • Managing Convexity for Delta-Hedged Participating Portfolios Webcast

·        Date: 29th July 2021

·        Registration deadline: **25th July 2021** (Webpage)


·        Meaning and calculation process

·        Need to convexity hedge a portfolio

·        Use of efficient financial instruments such as swaptions

·        Managing the use of instruments like Forward Volatility Agreements (FVA)